Top EDM Artists of 2018

With 2018 in full swing and festival season upon us, we are definitely all ears to find out the top EDM artists 2018 has to offer. When it comes to EDM artists, all are different in their own specific way which begets a different set of EDM fans for every artist. Although there have been some ephemeral EDM artists over the last decade, many have really withstood the test of the first two decades of the 21st century and have remained monumental.

The EDM artists that have come out on top are surely the best, and as we are at the tail end of the second decade of the new millennium. It is safe to say that the top EDM artists of 2018 are surely those that will be around for years to come.



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Another artist that keeps the fame machine at bay, at least while his helmet is off, is Marshmello. Having become very large in the past year, the artist’s helmet has become of the most famous signifiers in EDM culture. He is certainly not the first person to choose to perform while masked, however, his fame has grown exponentially and quicker than other anonymous EDM artists.

While many hardcore EDM fans and social media sleuths have basically found out that the real identity of Marshmello is Chris Comstock.

Although the identity of the ever masked Marshmello has ultimately been unveiled, his presence has not diminished. You will see Marshmello as a headliner on many of this year’s festival lineup.



Although Zedd has been around for a solid amount of time, 2018 has shown him spring into the mainstream spotlight more than past years. His single, The Middle, has gotten much recognition and has landed him at the #1 spot on Billboards EDM charts.

Not only has our boy Zedd’s fame gotten bigger, but his music has also really found a home with a core group of EDM fans who flock the world over to see him during the summer festival season.

If you take a look at any of the lineups that are dropping like flies, you’ll see his name on more than a few. The man gets around when it comes to performing and showcasing his EDM artistry talent.

Martin Garrix


Twenty-two year old Martin Garrix is probably the youngest EDM artist on this list. When he was only twenty years old he was already one of the most successful names in EDM. He reached Top 40 fame with his single “Animals” that went viral and was an instant hit among the EDM genre audience.

Garrix is a prodigy EDM artist. At just seventeen he became world-renowned for his talent and turned the EDM community on their head. Garrix has become a headlining staple at many of the top festivals with hordes of people flocking to be in the audience. With EDM powerhouses like David Guetta to show him the ropes along the way, Martin Garrix has navigated his celebrity pretty well. Having done that has allowed him to focus on his music, which people have fallen in love with the world over.

Collaborating with the likes of Usher and David Guetta, there seems to be no slowing down for the Netherlands native. We don’t want him to either. His viral mixes are completely engrossing and make you move like never before.

We can’t wait to see what else comes from Martin Garrix. It can only go up from here. With his presence being one of the biggest in the multi-billion dollar EDM industry, I think we will be seeing Garrix for a long time to come, and we don’t hate that.


I would be remiss if I was to say that Deadmau5 is one of the most iconic EDM artists in the world. He is also one of the most influential artists of our time. Having bequeathed his ever nuanced sounds to us mere mortals, he has really shaped a generation of individuals. There is not a single club, party, or festival that is not playing Deadmau5 (or some version of him) at some point in the night or day. He is everlasting.

However, 2018 is actually a remarkable year for Deadmau5. After not being in the spotlight for a couple of years now, we finally have a favorite mouse head wearing DJ back in the spotlight for festival season.

When using the term “best” everyone has their opinion. However, this group of accomplished and extremely talented EDM artists have withstood the test of time, changing audiences, changing sounds, and technology. These mavericks have ushered us into a new era of EDM music and artistry that is cementing the genre into music history. Some once said EDM is a fad. After seeing almost all of these performers live, and listening to them on a regular basis, I can say with full certainty that is not the case.

Rising Stars


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Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

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Experiencing a Rezz show is probably one of the most unforgettable experiences. Not only are the sounds absolutely entrancing, but the lights that you see when experiencing this amazing music are extraordinary.

With her Space Mom alien persona, Rezz is able to add a good amount of mysticism to her artistic existence. While still remaining original in her work, past influences have included artists such as Deadmau5 and Bassnectar.

With the mix of LED glasses that you can see from miles away, out of this world sounds, and of course, an amazing laser light show, experiencing the music of Rezz will send you to another dimension immediately.

San Holo

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worst idea of 2017 (pic by @haleylan)

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Hitting the ground running San Holo has had a great year with his latest album. His singles “Light” and “I Still Your Face” are everywhere that plays and streams EMD. San Holo himself has been everywhere these past few months. His festival tour dates are wildly impressive, hitting up Ultra Music Weekend, Coachella, Shaky Beats Festival, EDC Las Vegas, and more.

Hailing from the Netherlands (EDM heaven), San Holo has dropped some solid sounds on us that we didn’t know we needed. A collective of future bass style with nuanced vocals creates a synthesized sound that is as pleasant to the ears as is stimulating to the feet.

It does not seem that San Holo is slowing down any time soon. With tour dates all over the world and a development of a new album, we are going to hear a lot from Han Solo and we cannot wait for it.



As more a newcomer than the rest of the artists on this list, Illenium has certainly made a name for himself since his first debut in 2016. The EDM community definitely needs to be courted in order for them to fall in love with an artist. It is evident that this has happened with Illenium and his core group of fans.

Illenium has found his way to many lineups across the U.S. for this summer’s festival season, and after that tour, he will only get bigger. Illenium has managed to gain a solid following since his debut and it seems that everyone is warming up to his unique style of EDM. We are definitely anticipating some really great sounds from Illenium in the near future, especially has his artistry and talent grows with him.

Talk With Us, Whats your Top EDM Artists Picks for 2018?

Well, there you have it, the top EDM artists of 2018 have been chosen! Comment below and let us know your top picks for 2018.

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