Trailer For Upcoming EDM TV Series ‘Momentum’ Is Very Realistic

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more room for cheesy mainstream film depictions of EDM culture, somehow, someway some people managed to squeeze a full TV series of out it. At least this attempt, titled Momentum, is an indie series, which means that perhaps they’ll invest more than five minutes of research into EDM culture. But, if Netflix couldn’t even pull off the ‘talented producer boy has dreams of becoming huge EDM DJ overnight’ trope properly, I’m not so sure that Momentum will be any different.

The trailer introduces us to our main character, Michael Morris, who harbors aspirations of making it in the EDM world but alas, he has to balance his responsibilities of construction work and raising his siblings and (probably) his girlfriend. Unfortunately for Michael he gets fired from his construction job, but also fortunately (depending on who you ask) his music industry “friend” — probably some A&R dude — leaks his song on the internet (some kind of friend right?) that miraculously winds up getting like 500K plays in four days.

Fast forward to probably what is the next weekend and now our protagonist is selling out Webster Hall to a crowd of 2,500 and breaking laptops on stage. Color me cynical, but I’m not exactly sure that’s how this whole ‘becoming a DJ’ thing works.

Anyways, watch the teaser trailer below and expect a pilot this fall.

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Source: Trailer For Upcoming EDM TV Series ‘Momentum’ Is Very Realistic

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