Ultra Sets The Bar For Green Festivals

Mission: Home

The ‘Mission: Home’ sustainability campaign launched for Ultra Music Festival 2019. The plan outlined by this campaign drastically reevaluates and adjusts festival operations to reduce environmental impact.

Some major highlights of the campaign include:

  • Prohibiting beach access
  • More water refill stations
  • A ban on styrofoam, plastic straws, and balloons,
  • The implementation of a “Leave No Trace” policy
  • A recycling and composting program

“This event has set the bar very high for all events…We were astonished at how clean the park was from the start of each day to the end of each day,”

Virginia Key Beach Park Trust Special Events Liaison Michelle Swaby

Ultra tested Mission: Home sustainability at the 2019 event with great success. This success promoted the continuation of the campaign through 2020 and into the future. Local environmental organizations VolunteerCleanup.org, Surfrider Miami, and Debris Free Oceans, rated this year’s Ultra an ‘A’ for overall sustainability.

Mission: Home Infographic

Based on the impressive results presented in the graphic above, we hope to see more evens go green. There is always room for improvement. The team at Ultra is paving the way for change and helping make festivals safe for people and the planet.

Be sure to browse the Ultra website and learn the various tips provided so that festival-goers can be active environmentalists. The Mission: Home sustainability campaign may just change the game.

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