Ultra Music Festival Acquires WMC

International Dance Music Awards Also Under Ultra's Wing

Ultra Music Festival Acquires WMC


Ultra Music Festival announces their acquisition of the Winter Music Conference and International Dance Music Awards. The festival now reaches further into the dance-music community.

In its 33rd consecutive year, WMC is the preeminent conference for the dance music industry. In cooperation with Russell Faibisch’s branding ingenuity, this acquisition will reboot WMC’s status furthermore as a leading conference. They also seek to expand and innovate the format. In addition, Bill Kelly, WMC’s co-founder, will act to preserve the conference’s spirit from behind the scenes.

Ultra’s acquisition pairs two Miami-based dance-music icons to create an energizing week of music. The event forever cements Miami’s status atop the list of global dance music destinations.

WMC & Awards

The 2018 edition of WMC is currently in progress at the Faena Forum, in the heart of Miami Beach.

The IDMAs currently run with WMC. Each year, the awards generate thousands of votes from music enthusiasts in over 200 countries. They recognize and honor exceptional achievements in various award categories.

WMC will present the 2018 UMF Live Stream. It is a must-watch for dance music fans who cannot attend the sold-out event. The Live Stream is available March 23-25 via Ultra Music Festival. Since the first live stream in 2013, it has reached 650 million live stream views and recorded set views combined. The audio of Ultra is live cast from UMF radio, reaching more than 22 million listeners.


Live events of the ULTRA brand events began in 1997 in Miami. Russel Faibisch, CEO of ULTRA, got his start by producing electronic music events, which led to the inaugural Ultra Music Festival® in 1999.

Ultra Miami produces a sold-out festival every year. This year will mark the 20th festival, as over 165,000 dance-music fans flock to Miami. DJ Mag recently voted ultra Music Festival the world’s #1 Festival for the second consecutive year.

As the Ultra brand thrives, new editions of the festival reach all around the globe. Brazil, Chile, Japan, Ibiza, as well as South Africa are just to name a few.

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