Usain Bolt Gets Featured On A Dance Track [VIDEO]

In an unexpected turn of events, Jamaican track icon Usain Bolt was recently featured in a strange dance track that focuses on his career and fame. “Be The Fastest” was produced by Arch Birds and features Vanessa Haynes and the man himself. An official music video was released in conjunction with the hybrid dance track, showing Bolt dancing and partying with an enormous crew.

Why a song was created around Usain Bolt we can’t entirely say. Whether it was to highlight national pride behind the runner in time for the Rio Olympics or not, we’re still left with an impression that’s just . . . odd.

See for yourself by checking out the music video below.

Not to mention this video comes out not long after the world discovers that Usain Bolt is actually a DJ, we’re thinking the timing wasn’t coincidental.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Usain Bolt Gets Featured On A Dance Track [VIDEO]

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