Usher Performs Unexpected Cover Of The Chainsmokers [VIDEO]

There’s one name that has been talked about a lot recently considering their unforgettable success with their recent singles, The Chainsmokers. An unlikely name to come while thinking about them might be Usher, the R&B and pop singer and songwriter. Well, although the two aren’t collaborating, Usher did deliver a stunning cover of The Chainsmokers hit, “Don’t Let Me Down,” on BBC Radio Live Lounge.

The performance features an impressive eight piece band with back up singers. Many of the elements from the original track are present throughout. The original guitar riff, lyrics and overall feel remained intact throughout the cover. What Usher changed to make it into his own style was the way in which he sang the track alongside the fact that it is being performed by a live band. He riffs much more with his vocal than the original, displaying his strong voice throughout. Towards the end, the brass section comes in with a clever mashup, bringing in the horn segment from Outkast’s “SpottieOttieDopaliscious.” As the track comes to it’s conclusion, there are more soulful parts brought forth, creating an entirely new vibe. You can see the performance for yourself below:

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