Wait, Is Deadmau5 Engaged?

We like to keep tabs on our favorite artists to see what they’re up to – it’s what we do. It’s what Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and literally every other social media app is for. So when Deadmau5 tweeted yesterday morning that he was “trying to afford his own wedding,” you could call us flummoxed.

See, by no means are celebrities’ (or DJs’) lives necessarily open to the public, but when you’re at that level of fame, stuff has a habit of leaking out. A reddit user first made the connection with the tweet and a picture from seven months ago which shows his longtime girlfriend wearing what looks to be an engagement ring.

So while nothing is yet confirmed, it seems that Deadmau5 is engaged! Yippee!


H/T EDM Sauce

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Source: Wait, Is Deadmau5 Engaged?

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