Webster Hall, Historic NYC Venue, Will Reopen 2019

Webster Hall to Reopen

Owners of the historic music venue Webster Hall, are glad to announce its grand reopening after a year and a half of renovations. The 130-year-old site in New York City is expected to reopen this Spring 2019.

The breaking news surfaced in one form as a tweet. Webster Hall tweeted to the social media audience on the 31st of December stating “See ya in 2019!“.

Webster Hall
Screenshot of Webster Hall Twitter

Doors of this venue have been closed to the public since August of 2017. A performance from Action Bronson was the last event scheduled.

The reopening of Webster Hall after a substantial amount of time, is especially exciting for avid club goers.

Former performances among EDM artists at this venue include Carnage, Moksi, and Skellism, among many others.

Webster Hall
Photo from Webster Hall Facebook

New Management

The original owner Lon Ballinger, sold the estate to two major entertainment companies AEG and BSE. These two associations are now in charge of operating rights, assets, and long-term lease over the building.

Webster Hall
A photo of the Webster Hall Grand Ballroom

AEG has been revolutionizing the entertainment industry for 20 years, and BSE runs state-of-the-art venues in the area. These two monster entertainment companies plan to drop $10 million in renovations for the historic hall.

These renovations of Webster Hall are a necessity for purveyors of contemporary trends which makes up a high percentage of the population.

About Webster Hall


First and foremost, it is recognizable as one of the first modern nightclubs in the United States. Yet it has been an iconic destination in other forms since its inception in 1886 by the Polish-born cigar maker Charles Goldstein.

By the 1920s, the politically charged nature of events at Webster Hall gave way for outlandish masquerade balls. With the onset of prohibition, one would imagine that the masquerade balls and soirees would run dry, however, the opposite proved to be true. Consequently, Webster Hall transformed into a speakeasy, where the legends of its parties continued to grow even as liquor consumption drove underground.

The eventual repeal of Prohibition was cause for one of Webster Hall’s most famous and outlandish celebrations – a large ball called The Return of John Barleycorn, thrown on New Year’s Eve.

A Place for Modern Music

In 1953, RCA made a purchase on the building. They rebuilt it in art deco fashion. The venue had state-of-the-art acoustics in its ballroom. Also, Webster Hall was RCA’s East Coast recording studio. As such, full orchestra recordings live from the stage, and stereophonic recording technologies were largely inventions that came from their studios.

Another transformation to the Webster Hall came along with the modern dance culture. By May 1980, Webster Hall, known then as The Ritz Nightclub, became the leading rock venue of New York City through the mid-1980s.

On December 6, 1980, U2 played their first ever US show. Tina Turner, Eric Clapton, The Pretenders, Prince, Metallica, Sting, Aerosmith, Cro-Mags, KISS, BB King and Guns n Roses were just a few of the historical acts that regularly graced the stage.


It is no doubt this venue has hosted an enormous amount of social events since the halls first opening in 1886. With doors closed for quite some time, it is no wonder why joy fills the world knowing the doors of Webster Hall are about to reopen once again. Welcome back Webster Hall.

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