Winter Music Conference Cancelled, Another Event Cancelled over Coronavirus Fears

WMC is another festival that is cancelled due to coronavirus

Alas, another one bites the dust! Another event has just been cancelled, following the recent postponement of Ultra Music Festival. Organizers announced Monday, March 9th that Miami‘s Winter Music Conference would be cancelled. This is due to Florida governor Ron Desantis’ declaration of a state of emergency earlier in the day. Large groups would be breeding grounds for the coronavirus to spread.

Winter Music Conference official tweet of their cancellation via Twitter

The Winter Music Conference follows South-by-Southwest and Ultra Music Festival as the latest music festival canceled due to coronavirus. Coachella has moved its April dates to October in response to the outbreak.

Consequently, a number of artists including Pearl Jam, Madonna, Mariah Carey and Green Day have either cancelled or postponed tour dates because of coronavirus.

What festival is next? Our eyes are on EDC, but we hope not.

Still, the decisions being made are for the well-being of all attendees of these events. Hopefully things will get better as the months go by. As of now, festival season doesn’t look too good. Not just electronic music festivals but also festivals that play rock music, rap, country, classical, and so on. In the meantime, one can also hope (or pray) that the coronavirus will subside.

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