YouTube and Ticketmaster sign advertising deal to promote concerts

YouTube and Ticketmaster partner for interactive concert promotions

YouTube and Ticketmaster have signed a deal to promote upcoming concert tickets on official music videos.  The feature will show a list of upcoming concert dates underneath the title of the music video, making it easier for fans to purchase tickets to upcoming shows.

YouTube states that the partnership has the purpose of helping artists find ways to build deeper connections with their fans. Many fans who listen to music and/or watch music videos may have an interest in attending a concert as well. The feature is only available to major artists with concerts in the United States, but YouTube plans to expand the service globally to include artists of all sizes who have shows utilizing the Ticketmaster platform to sell tickets.

The feature works on both the YouTube app and website. Below the title of the video is a list of upcoming concert dates. Each concert date features a link to Ticketmaster’s website, where fans can see pricing and purchase tickets to the show.

Here is a demonstration of how the feature works on the Youtube app:

Ticketmaster’s stronghand

YouTube is the most popular video streaming website and currently second most popular website on the internet, according to Alexa. Considering the size of YouTube’s audience and promotional value this feature could give to event planners, this deal may give Ticketmaster a competitive advantage over other electronic ticketing companies. It is not known at this time if YouTube will receive any monetary compensation from Ticketmaster for this deal.

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