Zedd Brings Clarity to Instagram Feud with Matthew Koma

Another day, another celebrity Instagram battle.

In the latest round between EDM superstars Zedd and Matthew Koma, Zedd responds to the shocking allegations made recently by Matthew Koma on the eve of the seventh anniversary of their song “Spectrum”. Matthew Koma has accused the EDM megastar of creating a toxic work environment and generally being an all-around horrible person. These shocking allegations have rocked the EDM world. What led to the bad blood between these two celebrities?

Matthew Koma and the then unknown Zedd were first paired up together to help develop what would become Zedd’s debut album Clarity. Koma was an instrumental part in developing Zedd’s early hits “Clarity” and “Spectrum”. He claims that Zedd had an insecurity complex back in the day and refused to recognize Koma’s contributions to the album. Matthew Koma felt defeated by until he ran into others in the industry who had similar complaints against Zedd. “He’s the worst” is ultimately the conclusion that he came to and now refuses to collaborate with Zedd ever again.

Now, four days after the initial accusation, Zedd posts a new message to his fans on Instagram. He claims he has given Matthew Koma songwriting credit on every top line they did together. He admits that earlier in his career he was less open to collaboration, but has matured over the seven years since “Clarity” was released. Zedd is hurt that Matthew Koma did not approach him privately with his grievances before putting him on blast to the world.

Who do you think wins this round of the EDM superstar feud, purported thief Zedd or supposedly bitter songwriter Matthew Koma?

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