​The Parakit ft. Alden Jacob & Lola Bambola​ “Without You” [Spinnin’]

French trio The Parakit has released their new single “Without You”.

The Parakit are an EDM outfit from Les Lilas, a small village located in the suburbs of Paris. They have released their new upbeat French-electro single with Spinnin’, called “Without You”. The trio are accompanied by the 90’s inspired effects, belonging to the sweet voices of Alden Jacob and Lola Bambola.

“Without You” represents The Parakit‘s sound through its strong influence from melodic house and 90’s synth-pop. These influences can also be found in their debut single “Save Me”, featuring the familiar vocals of Alden Jacob. “Save Me” reached the insane 65th as the most Shazamed track in the world, alongside a very successful video. The guys have taken this success, and have absolutely flown with it.
Source: Spinnin’
Delightfully charismatic, “Without You” is no doubt a fearless tune. Supported with magical guitar riffs, Alden Jacob and Lola Bambola shine through the mic. Their voices fuse perfectly together, embracing joyous vibes and magnificent beats as they melt with the deepening grooves. The Parakit have no problem speaking loudly in their music, and with this new release, you can be sure they will continue to fly high.

“Without You” is OUT NOW via Spinnin’. Buy or stream it here.

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