2ToneDisco – “Basketball”

I’ve never played an actual real game of basketball. But after hearing this track one time, I’m ready to join the NBA. 2ToneDisco has returned to grace our ears and get us moving on the court. Their latest track “Basketball” does exactly that. A little intro, filled with building pads, welcomes us in warmly- but once the beat drops, the energy is non-stop! The song features some big little synths that come in at alternating time after opening hi-hats, slight horns and your classic “Hey” vocal chops.

Oh, and did I mention it’s about basketball? I think 2ToneDisco is a fan of the game and the proof is in this track. The funny thing about it is that after listening, you can totally hear the basketball reference on more than a literal level. The way the beat bounces, it could very easily play along at a game or just in your backyard with friends. It’s a fun song that is easy to sing along too (since its has like, four words of lyrics) and will def make you bop your head up and down like a bouncing basketball (see what I did there?). Give it a listen.

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