3 Are Legend & W&W “Khaleesi” Is A Big Room Anthem

Get your dancing shoes on for this big room banger

This is a summertime vibe infused musical phenomenon. It is a super god feeling track to make the dancefloor go live. Check out 3 Are Legend & W&W “Khaleesi” out now via the Ultra records label.

Track review: 3 Are Legend & W&W “Khaleesi”

Fat round kicks right in the mix keeping the beat big room style. It is there for all to hear who need a sense of beat to stay in dance ready mode. As such, dance ready is a great aspect of this track because that is what this track is meant to do–after all, it is a banger. 3 Are Legend & W&W “Khaleesi” is the track to go nuts for when it drops so do not hold back.

The rich and bright synth lead melodies are rich and euphoric. As such, the feel good sets in and all the while listeners can express this emotion through dance. Better brush up on your dance skills, or not, just lose it and have a good time–that is certainly the goal of this track.

Other enjoyable groove inducing beats come from the most human instrumentals of all: the clap. So, clapping to the beat you will hear an effect that just reinforces the overall connection listeners can feel. That clap is clearly relatable to listeners, you know?

About the Artists

3 Are Legend

Hmm, three artists, legendary artists with a big room sound, it must be Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Steve Aoki. And, it is, 3 Are Legend are together with their big room sounds making wonderful music. Catch them at their upcoming performances in Transylvania’s edition of Untold Festival 2019.

3 Are Legend


W&W, hitting the SiriusXM radio BPM station just over nine years ago as an upcoming name in House, they have now spread their sound on all mainstream channels. Their journey in the studio and on stages has seen them touring playing–and they even have a website, so, they are pretty cool.


As for the coolness, they are performing at the Untold Festival festival in Romania tomorrow. And, then, they are going from one festival to the next to spread their sound around as they have for years–many good times with their music.

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