3LAU – On my mind (ft. Yeah Boy)

3LAU elevates his audience to the next degree with this fresh house style party popper “On My Mind” ft Yeah Boy. Yo, go grab your oversized 36oz margarita, your best friends and hit the dance floor because this one is a smooth sauce. Ray-Ban’s on, chest oiled and “On My Mind” playing will guarantee you that shawty you been eyeing all Coachella weekend. It’s got that flow that’ll make your boy wanna freestyle four bars during the bridge.

Rave bunnies will shuffle till the sun comes up as the euphoric kaleidoscope feels of “On My Mind” pulsate. A 90s reminiscent riff breathes life into the track following the debonair of Yeah Boy’s whisper in your ear. The high-spirited dance jewel can fit in at your brother’s house party, the beach stage in paradise or the festival of plur. A catchy hook crooned by Australian singer/songwriter/producer Johnny Castro (Yeah Boy) accompanied by the electro-house production of 3LAU births a dynamite dance delight. There’s hope for our summer to be a live one if tracks like this continue to be dished out.  Calling the shots like 3LAU 3LAU 3LAU!!

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