A-Trak releases “Ride For Me” music video featuring Falcons, Young Thug, and 24 Hours

Ride For Me

A-Trak has been adding variety to his library of hits since he came onto the scene years ago. Producing hits in both Hip Hop and EDM has allowed him to collaborate with an extensive range of different artists. For his track “Ride For Me” featuring Falcons, Young Thug, and 24 Hours, he decided to bring another aspect into the identity of the record.

The song talks about riding for your friends and your hood, but the video takes it in another direction. By teaming up with longtime friend Eli Morgan Gesner, he was able to bring old-school NYC skateboarding to the track.

Check out the music video below.


Eli Gesner is the founder of both Zoo York and SHUT Skateboards and has been filming skaters since the early 1990s. He decided that for this video, he would go back through his archives and dig up hidden content from NYC legends Harold Hunter, Justin Pierce, Jefferson Pang, Mike Hernandez, and Danny Supa.

This footage would have been fun to watch without a significant track underneath, but they managed to weave in the past and present seamlessly. It feels like Young Thug and company were transported back to the 90s themselves. Revisiting those iconic locations from the archived videos, A-Trak and Gesner filmed 24 Hours and Young Thug using an old school Hi-8 camera to create a then and now crossover.

A-Trak talks about his inspiration for the video:

My whole career has been about building bridges and finding juxtapositions. To me, that’s the essence of DJing. I grew up watching turntablist videos, skate videos, graf videos. Before the internet, those were my portal to the outside world. Eli and I wanted to create a clip that communicates that same feeling.

On top of creating a great video to go along with the track, A-Trak and Gesner also took it upon themselves to donate a large sum to the Harold Hunter Foundation, a non-profit that supports and encourages NYC’s skating youth. They announced the donation at a special screening for the video last week on February 27.

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