ACID CLUBBERS Techno Release “Tesla” is a Bomb

ACID CLUBBERS techno is acid influenced, dark, and pounding music with an underground sound. As a result, their latest release single “Tesla” is out now on an appropriately underground label catering to the darker side of hard techno on Autektone Dark. Have a listen to this great acid techno track below.

“Tesla” is an acid techno track by ACID CLUBBERS

Track Review

The kick drum is a regulation techno kick. Its hard knock and fat, round thump are processed with some great effects. As a result, it hits the ears just a bit harder. Furthermore, making it appealing as a hard techno track.

This track plays loud. As such, the reverb effect makes the instrumentals in the track make the soundscape feel huge and spacious. As harsh as that may seem on the ears, the mixing quality ensures that listeners enjoy hearing the sounds instead of getting their ears hurt from it all.

One of the aspects of this production of course is the acid sound. Instead of dominating the track’s entire duration, “Tesla” has a nice balance between it and other instrumental sounds. Some acid techno tracks are overdone making the acid instrumental sound a bit tired. Here, it sounds fresh: coming in the form of noise sweeps and bass-lines.

Another impressive quality of “Tesla” is that the instrumentals are very tight and have a lot of bite. This makes for a strong sense of tempo. At that, the listeners will always be conscious of the beat making it easy to feel the groove. Surely, this will play out well in the clubs.

This track also has a minimal feel. The soundscape is not busy. Less is more. Here, it gives the track a lot of intense focused energy. Sort of a mental experience like deep concentration as opposed to an ecstatic sensation of ear candy from melodies or otherwise.

ACID CLUBBERS and Autektone Dark

Web searches for the ACID CLUBBERS showed more photos of stages at electronic music events than the respective artists or artist for that matter. So, too, there was not a word on who ACID CLUBBERS are but maybe that is it: they are acid clubbers. One thing for sure is their music is good. For them, “Tesla” is one of three of their tracks released on Autektone Dark this May 2019.

Graphic from Beatport

The Autektone Dark label features the darker side of techno compared to the main Autektone label. This all techno label by T78, also known by his aliases ACTI and Activator, has come into the world in the later part of the 2010s. Last year, a release collaboration by Argy & DMCK called “The Funky Sound” caught the attention of T78 and was released on his label with a remix version of the track, too.

Graphic from Beatport

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