Adam Beyer vs. Pig&Dan – “Capsule” EP [Drumcode]

When two masters of their craft collaborate and combine their talents, one’s first thought is, “this had BETTER be amazing.” Think no more- this collaboration, a year in the making, is one of 2017’s best techno EPs. Nearly every song has been in the top echelon of most online charts, and at one point, three of these four bangers were in the Beatport Techno Top 10. Two are still there…so, even though something this crazy needs no introduction, here’s the lowdown:

The EP,s lead-off track, “Atmosfear“, showcases all at once each artist’s strengths: Beyer‘s stellar production and then Pig&Dan‘s signature minimalist patterns and subtle changes of rhythm and harmony. The distorted synth lead that drives tune is filthy, hypnotic and propulsive, as is the dark build that follows it. The track is classic modern vintage techno: sounds of the past redesigned with the feel and vibrations of the present. An epic production, from top to bottom.

The EP’s eponymous track “Capsule” is yet another example of how clean and masterful the overall production is. The intro and build into the first drop is reminiscent of classic tech trance: a sound not heard in more than a couple of minutes, then drops into a similar minimalist sequence punctuated by dirty quasi-vocoded bass lines. While not quite as amazing as ‘Atmosfear’, it has a similar grandiosity that is heavier on atmospherics and interstellar synths. The second drop is classic hypno.

We Are E” is the EP’s most eclectically-built track: a variation on the popular techno formula. The
track’s opening builds into a proper, rolling gallop then gives way takes of a 90’s rave riff and vocal sample kick in. The “OG raver” in me loves the chromatic riff and hardcore pad washes, especially into the second drop. This tune’s body/build/drop format is a refreshing change, and offers many possibilities, both to the free-styling floor killers as well as the professional community, as there are many sections fresh and ripe for dropping. {note: I wouldn’t call this E, exactly…cokey, blunty, but not E. The only reason I mention this is what closes this glorious release…}

In Love“, this offering’s finale, is the E that Beyer and Pig&Dan promised on the previous track. The opening and build is lighter but more propulsive with cruising altitude established barely a minute and a half in. Beautiful headroom for the mind and the body drops into a diamond-hard kick creating that special e-space. The resulting build is wonderful, warped sampling and effects that drop seamlessly back into the banging body of the tune. The 2nd build is perfectly DMT’d out: distorted aural nirvana! Probably the most masterful niche-genre segues in a track that I’ve heard in years. The transitions between techno, “techelectro”, and the hypno, but not the trappings, ┬áthat makes up righteous tech house. ┬áPossibly a game-changer.

Obviously, this release is one of the finest I have listened to this year. Solid and wizard from front to back, masterful from first kick to last reverbed effect. Many have already picked this up. You should, too.

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