Adam Jasim & Dani King’s Release of “Crawl” at Excision’s Label Subsidia

Fans of Excision’s label are awestruck over the recent release of “Crawl”. “Crawl” is a high-energy melodic bass ballad from Canadian electronic producer Adam Jasim and singer Dani King. The track has Dani’s irresistibly sultry vocals and the deep, gut-wrenching emotion in the silences of the drop. “Crawl” will draw you into a dizzying musical journey and leave you spinning in its wake.

The track opens with simple, jazzy keys under a distant, floating, guitar riff with pitch bends that inspire a faintly retro nostalgia. Jasim’s sound design has a perfect balance. Every new element feels both organic and purposeful, building seamlessly in emotional intensity. When Dani King’s voice joins the fray, it brings a captivating intensity that, in its sharp contrast of character, stimulates your senses in all the best ways.

“[…] Transports you to a festival crowd where you can hold a stranger’s hand and feel the positive energy in the air […]”

By Gillian Carrabre

Adam Jasim always brings honesty and genuine passion to the experience of his music and “Crawl” is no exception. If you’re looking for music to medicate the rave-community hiatus, then this is the track for you. It will transport you to a festival crowd where you can hold a stranger’s hand and feel the positive energy. In fact, “Crawl” reminds us of those important moments of human connection that we will never again take for granted.

Adam Jasim, the producer behind “Crawl”

Adam Jasim is a Canadian producer, DJ, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist who is earning industry attention with his upbeat sound and creative flair. A musician skilled on guitar, piano, percussion, and vocals, Adam’s music has an authentic edge in the synthetic soundscape of electronic dance music. Previous artistic endeavours include Discover Atlantic, a moniker for his solo acoustic side project; vocalist for Canadian metalcore band The Breathing Apparatus; and numerous credits as an audio engineer.

More about Dani King

Dani King is a pop singer and songwriter from Chicago, now residing in Los Angeles. Her unique and versatile style leads to no constrictions by genre. From smooth electronic feels, to sexual dark pop, to vibey hip hop, Dani flows vibrantly between words with floaty harmonies and unexpected range.

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