Adaro, B-Front, and Dawnfire Release “Touch A Star”

“Touch A Star”

Out now via Q-Dance Records

Adaro, B-Front, and Dawnfire contribute their musical talents together as one in the release single “Touch A Star”. This is recognizable as Hardstyle, yet the vocal elements reach beyond the genre’s bounds. It is quite similar to vocal trance with its larger-than-life soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics. “Touch A Star” evokes lots of emotion. Listen to it and feel the music from the official music video below.

Track Review

What is not to love about this track: huge melodic leads, raw hard kicks, and soft vocals complimenting each other seamlessly. All three of the artists express such strong passion through their work. Furthermore, it is a genuine passion that comes from a special place deep within the human psyche instead of a composite of production pressure and hype. At least, it seems that way.

There is a bit of coverage that this song has been played since last spring, yet its official release on Q-Dance Records was only as recent as this month. Check out the exclusive interview with the artists from the Q-Dance news page. The artists talk about the track’s success as it tells the story that many audiences can relate to “Touch A Star” from an emotional standpoint.

We see that a lot of different people with different stories are drawn to it.

Those are the words of the collaborating artists. That is significant because only so many messages can be communicated, and fewer that audiences can identify with those. Consequently, this track is highly relatable to many walks of life. Whatever that may mean, this track is one to explore one’s emotions.

About the Artists

Positively, the highest production standards coming from these artists.  B-Front is an inductee of the Q-Dance Legends and Adaro is a prominent figure in the Hardstyle scene as well. Dawnfire and B-Front have previous experience in the studio under the name of  2-sidez.

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