Adassiya Reveals “Human” – The second installment from her La Vida EP

Pulled from her three track La Vida EP, “Human” is the second installment from the extended player and continues to set Adassiya‘s musical agenda in fitting fashion. Behind an amalgamation of Eastern and Western cultures, conceals a sensitive artist and one that lets her creativity speak directly through her writing. Real name Anissa Stili, Adassiya began her musical career as a singer in her teenage years and debuted her first album with the major label, Warner Music. Following her breakout, Adassiya toured the globe with the revered French musical The 10 Commandments. This allowed her to discover the riches of the world firsthand and further expand her artistic mind.

Originally coming from the hip-hop scene, this producer found herself in a position collaborating on projects with some of the most respected rappers of her generation. In 2014, she embraced a new found passion and started to DJ. With this, Adassiya also embraced a feeling of freedom and ability to share her art with an audience. She has since graced the likes of Paris, Cannes, Berlin, Dubai, Lebanon, Istanbul, St Barthélémy, Montreal, Tokyo, Seoul, and Ibiza with her sound.

Combining an array of musical elements across Oriental & Electronic music, Adassiya brings them together in unique style and “Human” is further testament to her continued artistic rise. 

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