“Aigha Bas”: All New Techno Pounder from DMCK

Out now via Techburst Records

Dark and gritty from the start, “Aigha Bas” by DMCK is a pounding techno track with top-notch sound design that brings out some intense vibes. The high-quality production brings out the full impact of every aspect of the track’s musical appeal. Have a listen to the pumped up techno sounds in “Aigha Bas”, below.

Techno track: “Aigha Bas” by DMCK

Track review

Dark instrumentals

The sound design capitalizes on the loudness of the instruments making this a hard techno track. At that, each instrument and sound effect has an audibly hard attack that is full of attitude. Furthermore, the ensemble of vocals, sound effects, noise sweeps swell up and down in volume. The contrast between the percussive elements of the track, such as the kick drum dropping into the mix are stunningly loud. The beat forming from the hats, claps, and snares, and rides, too, have a similar accent–together the drum sounds are biting and tough. Topping it all off with the reverberation makes them sound massive.

Unique kick drum

This techno track has a unique grittiness and dark edge that are immediately noticeable in the intro. Unlike a traditional intro to a techno track that features a classic fat, round, thumping kick drum, “Aigha Bas” goes harder. Starting off with a tight, knocking hit, with some rough distortion make this kick drum standout. The comparisons aside, just listening to it is refreshing. Then again, it is an especially appealing aspect of this track. As such, listeners looking to add a touch of attitude to their library can count on “Aigha Bas” to do the trick.

Superior mix quality

The mastering is out of this world. Pristine mix quality that really shows attention to detail. All in all, the main man responsible for making the music happen is DMCK. “Aigha Bas” by DMCK is out now via Techburst Records and available for purchase here.

About DMCK

Distinguished and talented DJ and producer, DMCK, is known for his techno productions. Originally from Glasgow, his sounds are recognized worldwide. For example, his collaboration single “The Funky Sound” with Argy on the italian record label Autektone Records.

DJ and producer, DMCK

This guy is going strong. Keep an ear out for more of his techno productions. There is more to look forward, too, as we have some special sounds coming up on One EDM from him. Stay tuned.

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