Alan Walker – “Tired” Ft. Gavin James [Original] Out Now!

Talented electro-pop artist Alan Walker dropped his brand-new song titled “Tired” on May 18th via the Mer Musikk. The lyrics to “Tired” are resonated through the uplifting and gentile vocals of Gavin James. This song is about growing from a point of wanting to run away and forget the “mess” that seems to surround when it feels like the heart can take no more. It is about growing from that point to one where one realizes that it is good to let the people you love inside the heart to help; and then realizing that sometimes moving forward by forgetting isn’t an option for multiple reasons. Most of all it is about strength, both inner strength and strength through others.


“Can’t hide the secrets. You can’t forget about this mess.” The Music video fittingly portrays a dystopian type of reality. Despite the impending disaster which counts down to zero throughout the video, the camera flashed to the couple holding hands and the people in the world of the video standing together through the end of the countdown. This shows that love prevails. Loe and compassion work wonders.

Photo Credit: Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Alan Walker has an almost trance-like house vibe. The lyrics of Walkers songs tell stories with happy endings. His tracks nearly always have a sort of peaceful, yet powerful and energetic vibe to them. Walker has won Best New Talent via WDM Radio and multiple Best Song of the Year awards for his hit “Faded.” Walker seems to have found an energy to his productions that works extremely well with the vocalists he creates his songs alongside. Connecting with fellow award-winner and rising star Gavin James is no exception.

Photo Credit: Gavin James

Gavin James

Gavin James has been an increasingly rising star since his 2012 single “Say Hello.” His debut album “Bitter Pill” dropped just last year in 2016, which reached platinum status. James was awarded Song of the Year via Choice Music for “Bitter Pill.” Gavin James’ vocal range is marvelous and his sound is passionate. It really feels like he puts his soul into his music. James seems to be the perfect partner for Alan Walkers “Tired.”

Photo Credit: “‘Tired’ – Artwork Video”

We look forward to more music from both Alan Walker and Gavin James. Maybe their talents will merge again in the future. Fans on YouTube alone seem to love the new song.

“0:00 – 3:36. BEST PART ❤” – Willuff

“Alan Walker is my favorite DJ. Thanks for all your music.” – Emil Sttohmaier

“Man I could listen to Gavin James sing all day, his voice is amazing and so is this collab. Alan Walker is such a music genius. I hope I get to collab with Alan one day…” – tenorbuds


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