Alan Walker + YouTube premier four-part artist spotlight: ‘We Are Walkers’

YouTube Music has partnered with superstar DJ and producer Alan Walker to present We Are Walkers. This is the latest work in an ongoing series of Artist Spotlight Stories and the first to be available as multiple episodes. The series launch coincides with the release of Alan’s debut studio album Different World via RCA Records available on YouTube Music.

Each episode of the four-part series profiles a different Alan Walker fan known as Walkers. Showcasing the connection between these fans established by his positive message to create and evolve culture. All four episodes of We Are Walkers launch on Alan Walker’s YouTube Channel today, December 14.

Produced by YouTube Music, We Are Walkers profiles Walkers from around the world as they create, connect, and share through YouTube while remaining completely anonymous to one another. Even with the community of Walkers embracing anonymity, there is nothing hidden about the strength of their ties. An inspiring testament to Alan’s influence and the growing Walker community he has built around the world. The series will unmask these artists and highlight their unique connection to Alan and to other Walkers through sharing their stories.

YouTube has been instrumental in Alan’s musical career, with him teaching himself how to produce from YouTube videos in his early days. He’s gone on to create a massive fan following of Walkers worldwide, including nearly 20 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. His hit “Faded” has also scored over 2.1 billion views and counting.

“My story began right here on YouTube,” Alan Walker says in the show’s first episode. “This is a place for exploration and creation. Our voices here are equal in ways they aren’t in our society.”

Alan Walker YouTube Stats

  • Alan Walker’s “Faded” is currently the 25th most-viewed video on YouTube of all time and one of less than 30 music videos in YouTube history to reach 2 billion views.
  • Walker’s official artist channel has over 19.8M subscribers, making him the top 20 most-subscribed artists on YouTube.
  • Alan Walker is among the top 50 most-viewed artists in the world on YouTube this year. Amassing over 2.7B views since the start of 2018.

Alan’s top viewed songs of 2018 include:

Alan has also earned massive views in countries like Mexico (201M), the U.S. (185M), Brazil (176M), India (167M), and Indonesia (165M).

Connect with Alan Walker

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