Alex Di Stefano – Split (Original Mix) [Skullduggery]

Whether it is through a hammering tech rush or a spine-tingling melody, Italian-made Alex Di Stefano is one of the rising talents to come from the dark side of trance. Being frequently showcased on renowned label such as Subculture, Outburst, and even most recently Kearnage, Stefano has made a name for himself in the underground trance community. This time, Alex Di Stefano is back on Greg Downey’s newly formed label, Skullduggery, with “Split”.

Split is made up of two major styles, being separated between the intro/outro and the breakdown sections. Beginning with his signature techno-infused sound, Stefano uses looped vocals, reverb, white noise, a hard kick, and a bassline tuned to give a feeling of impending doom. From this, an energetic arpeggio brings the track into the breakdown which makes way for some epic pads and high octave layered synths to bring a feeling of excitement. The track ends the same way it began, with the breakdown making a return to the dark tone it began in.

The tune is a great uplifter that also has enough edge to separate it from being branded as cheese. The beautiful melody is enough to keep the dreamers happy, while the intro basslines will keep the tech heads content. “Split” may not have too much of the tech trance elements we are used to seeing from Stefano; however, the intensity of the saw waves used bring the energy that is necessary. This track has one of the best melodies we have seen from Stefano.

The track has claimed the number one spot on the trance charts, you can show your support and keep it there by purchasing it here. “Split” follows “Never Back Down” and “What’s The Catch”, which were both released last month off of Kearnage Records. Aside from a successful producing career of over 20 years, Alex Di Stefano has had a busy year, with frequent back to back DJ sets with Mark Sherry (which you can listen to above), and a number of successful singles.




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