Alex Kidd Drops a Hard Dance Banger: “Give it Up”

“Give it Up” by Alex Kidd

Out now via Druck Records

Enthusiastic Release

Written in all capital letters, is a screamingly enthusiastic statement from Alex Kidd regarding his much anticipated release “Give it Up” on Druck Records. At that, read his expressions of passion from his facebook post.

Photo from Alex Kidd Facebook

Proudly explaining the thrill of releasing on the Druck Records label by legendary DJ and Producer Scot Project, Alex Kidd is as generous with his track as he is with thanks for the release. It is full of wonderful sound designs, so have a listen to his absolute banger: “Give it Up”

Track Review

“Give it Up” is a hard dance banger to smash hit the dance floor. Its general composition is an evolving mix of sounds from musical genres beginning with a Trance style Kickdrum: fat, round, and pulsing.

The track transitions to different styles between builds and breaks. The element of surprise executed by the array of genre-bending sounds is quite effective during the playback of “Give it Up”: that hardstyle kick drum gives listeners the grins at the variety. Aren’t you smiling?

About Alex Kidd

Legend, superstar, Hard Dance icon, the Kidd will tear you apart with his dance music. Reminisce to the days of QULTand understand the mash-up mastery he threw down Subground-style set at QULT #13.

Furthermore, here is a hint: 05:34-07:52. You will hear “Apache”-The Incredible Bongo Band vs  “Welcome to the Jungle Bitch”-Alvaro & Mercer vs “Excess”-ACTI & Alex Kidd

Alex Kidd mashing up some serious Subground

What a talent, check out the crowd reactions he gets during his 2016 Australia tour from the commemorative video. Also, he caught the attention for the prestigious BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

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