Alex Messina’s Latest Single “Gears Of War” is Out Now

Italian DJ and producer Alex Messina is an artist who does not confine his music to a specific genre. His latest release “Gears Of War” explores the depths of Trance and Progressive House. The light and airy intro of the track is full of guitar and synth melodies. These add a dramatic feel to the track. The music then transitions, gliding beautifully into a much deeper and darker club vibe.

Alex Messina holds a progressive stance to the beat with its repetitive mainline. Also, there are intricate layers of rhythms and instrumentation. There is something deep and mysterious about “Gears Of War”. With hints of Spanish influences that automatically draws you into the mix. As the track ebbs and flows flawlessly, close attention is paid to the atmosphere with it building in just the right places. This is set to be one of his biggest releases yet.

Furthermore, Alex Messina’s musical career has been a journey of experimentation from the moment he picked up his very first guitar. Constantly on the search for melodies and unique sounds Alex uses inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode and Enigma to develop his productions. Also, this allows him explore the depths of different wavelengths and frequencies which allows him to stand out in the current music scene.

Lastyly, Alex Messina is releasing “Gears Of War” independently and is available to download now.

Listen to ‘Gears Of War’

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