Alex Messina’s Latest Single “My Self” is Out Now

Italian producer Alex Messina delivers a stunning classically driven electronic tune

Italian DJ and Producer Alex Messina is an artist who holds a passion for a huge range of genres and styles, which can be heard within his productions. Originally, Alex Messina fell in love with playing the guitar at the end of 10 years old and went on to study the art form classically. Based on his musical background and influences, Alex Messina draws inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, and Enigma.

Alex Messina’s latest release “My Self” uses his wealth of experience to deliver an enchanting tune that explores the depths of Trance, Techno and Progressive. Deep and erratic basslines fill the low end of the track whilst classical influenced instrumentation and melodies dance over the intricate rhythms. “My Self” becomes deeper as the music progresses, where high-pitched synths are met with a steady clap before the music cuts into a faster tempo, bass ridden groove that is perfect for creating transcendence on the dance floor.

Alex Messina prides himself on creating music that merges the past with the future, creating unique productions that help to develop new sounds and atmospheres for his listeners. After falling in love with electronic music, he has spent many years teaching himself every frequency and waveform that allows him to produce the crisp sound he has today.

“My Self” is an exquisite release and with more music on the horizon, it’s clear that a true excitement surrounds the name Alex Messina.

Listen to ‘My Self’. Purchase here.

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