Alex Messina Releases 90s Inspired Single, “Start Again”

This beautifully-melodic track will ignite your feelings

Alex Messina’s latest release, “Start Again” is a 90s inspired Ibiza track with deep arpeggios and dramatic synths. Moreover, its melodies consume you from the very first beat. For instance, the track progressively builds and the main groove kicks in with its stomping basslines and emotional piano melodies.

Alex Messina’s “Start Again” is an anomalous blend of Trance and Progressive, with a hint of classic House elements. Consequently, the single provides an uplifting, nostalgic, and euphoric vibe that amounts to the perfect electronic hit. Alex has once again proven his apt for drawing on his old-school inspirations and revamping them into fresh, contemporary dance tracks.

Above all, Alex holds a devotion to the intricacies of music theory and sound design. This ranges from the point of frequencies to waveforms which make his music so interesting to listen to. Certainly, he is on a constant mission to re-invest and experiment with his sounds and influences, paying close attention to every beat and ensuring his music is the best it can be. In addition, the focus Alex puts into these elements gives his fans a new stance on listening to electronic music.

Alex Messina’s “Start Again” is out now.

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