ALWZ SNNY Drops Brand New EP ‘Still Wait 4U’

The ever-glowing ray of sunshine in the EDM scene returns with a brand-new EP titled Still Wait 4U. Still Wait 4U starts things right with high-pitch vocals and a melodic piano solo. Afterwards, a soothing, velvety voice began singing emotional lyrics. ALWZ SNNY begins to build the music up to the title track, adding synth by synth before the drop kicks in and switches up the vibe to a totally new level. Full of emotion yet light and airy and perfect to dance to.

The second tune on this Still Wait 4U is called “Show You How It’s Done”. The track includes forceful euphoric melodies that transport you to a laser-filled room with your much-missed fellow ravers. Amidst the musicality, there is high energy and tonnes of synths driving the track through providing pure festival vibes.

ALWZ SNNY has an approach to Still Wait 4U and his other works that is always light-hearted and fun. The listener can mostly expect to hear bright and uplifting tunes with heavy doses of synths and guitars.  He draws inspiration from industry icons such as Marshmello and Martin Garrix before inflicting his own inventive twist. ALWZ SNNY has a repertoire that illustrates his talents with releases such as “Love Revolution” and “Parachute” featuring the voice of Sincerely Collins generating thousands of listens all over the world.

Download & Stream Still Wait 4U

The EP is out now for download and stream.

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