Andrew Bayer’s Visionary New Album ‘In My Last Life’

Every true artist has their defining moment. It’s that moment where we use the cumulation our talents, skills, and abilities to produce some of the greatest work we have ever created. This is perhaps true for Andrew Bayer who poured his heart and soul into his new artist album In My Last Life

Comparatively, In My Last Life is like a dreamy lullaby mix of beautiful vocals and peaceful trance melodies influenced by the sounds of Kate Bush, Atoms for Peace, and Aphex Twin. Andrew’s gentle rhythm creates a blissful atmosphere allowing listeners to feel uplifted by perhaps it’s light vocals or melody and a consistent bass line. The album also features vocals from Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun and Alison May.

Additionally, his track  “Immortal Lover” featured on the album is being re-played by artists like Above and Beyond on stages as big as Tomorrowland 2018.


Andrew Bayer Background

In particular, Andrew’s use of different instruments for each song gives his sound a very unique, almost euphoric feel. Andrew first got into music production via the PlayStation game “MTV’s Music Generator” which inspired him to then buy a sequencer and learn the craft. A trip to Germany in the 8th grade really introduced him to some of the classic trance sounds like System F “Out Of The Blue”. He became obsessed with cataloging illegal downloads of music, which quickly put Andrew on a path to learning production. He’s produced several artist albums, even Grammy nominated for his production work with Above and Beyond. Meanwhile, as a DJ, Andrew toured festivals like EDC Vegas, Electric Zoo, and Creamfields. From a journey that began in 2011, Andrew has continued to create his own style of Anjunabeats, transversing styles of glitch hop, progressive house, and electronica.


To point out a bit of his personal background, Andrew identifies with the LGBT community. OneEDM asked him about inclusion in dance music and he said that rather than advocating for inclusion just so people can “tick a box” we should look at inclusion for “selfish reasons.” Basically, including more people from different cultures, ethnicities, and ways of life, will only improve the quality of music for everyone. So inclusion should be something we strive for, to create better music.

His innovation captivates what lengths this artist is willing to go to capture that moment of pure feeling. Check out his third studio album In My Life today!

Before you go, if you enjoyed Andrew Bayer’s music then watch him DJ live, in a city near you.

In My Last Life North American Tour Dates 2018
  • Orlando, Gilt – Oct 6
  • Minneapolis, Rev Ultra Lounge – Oct 13
  • Chicago, Sound Bar – Oct 20
  • Washington D.C, Soundcheck – Nov. 09
  • Austin, Vulcan – Nov. 10
  • Houston, Spire – Nov. 23
  • Dallas, Lizard Lounge – Nov. 24
  • Denver, Church Nightclub – Dec. 01
  • Phoenix, Monarch Theatre – Dec. 06
  • Lost Angeles, Exchange – Dec. 07
  • Seattle, TBA – Dec. 13
  • Portland, 45 East – Dec. 15
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