Andrew Rayel and NWYR release new single, “The Melody”

The key to dynamic creation is when it is done collectively. When artists collaborate it gives an opportunity for each individual to express themselves differently. It is unique because it’s in a space where artists are inspired by their peers, which can lead to deeper self-discovery. With further self-discovery so much more can be born. Andrew Rayel and NWYR have tapped into this self-discovery with their new coloabortive single “The Melody”.

Released off of Armin Van Buuren’s Armind record label “The Melody” launches like a firework over your favorite music festival. Unhesitatingly, “The Melody” builds up into a towering and sovereign rave master. The trumpeting synths pulses and soars the airwaves with such command it’ll have your double hip replaced grandma jumping and neck bobbing.

A cool 3:13 of A+ EDM. The high energy of “The Melody” will surely be your song of the winter season. Interested in knowing what the future of electronic dance music is like? Then take a listen to “The Melody”. Cutting edge, bold, and assured is the best way to describe the fusion of Andrew Rayel and NWYR.

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Download “The Melody” by Andrew Rayel and NWYR here.

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