Andrew Rayel & Fernando Garibay Release Single “Last Summer” Feat. Jake Torrey

Introducing Andrew Rayel: Trance and Pop Talent

We all know the name Andrew Rayel, and it is highly likely you know his massively popular Trance music tracks like, “My Reflection” with Emma Hewit or “Horizon” with Lola Blanc, but its even more likely you have not heard Andrew Rayel like this: out now on Armada Music is the breakthrough single with Fernando Garibay featuring Jake Torrey titled “Last Summer”

This new release from the Moldavian musician, Andrew Rayel, will see his image as an EDM festival champion adopt another image as a Pop music trailblazer. He has mastered the Trance music genre and has landed some great collaborations like the ones just mentioned, but now he makes a big “hello” to the Pop music scene with “Last Summer” as it is exemplary of Pop music status.

Track Review: “Last Summer”

Music with a Message

With the help of accomplished record producer and songwriter, Fernando Garibay, and pop eye candy, Jake Torrey, Andrew Rayel scores a winning goal with the production of “Last Summer”. Fresh as the morning sunrise, “Last Summer” will brew your musical teapot with its engaging and kindly guitar plucks.  As Jake Torrey serenades listeners, Andrew Rayel and Fernando Garibay provide a bed of electronic music perfection for listeners to cuddle up in as the track endures.

If ever saying good bye to someone is not as good as one would have wished for, then this track will speak to listeners with this sensitive experience. As such, this track is a good reminder to them to make the last moment together last forever. Ultimately, the track suggests to never regret one’s actions, but also make daring choices, especially when it comes to love.

Furthermore, “Last Summer” is a choice collaboration among these three artists. The blending of each artists’ signature musical contributions make “Last Summer” the song that lasts forever for you and your Honey. Not only is this track a sure favorite for the #Rayelfamily, but also for any ear it meets.

Collaborative Success

All three of these artists share one definite gift: the gift of working well with other people. For example, each artist has their independent rosters of collaborations with other people including talented recording artists. These collaborations span decades, proving their consistent ability to work well with people.

Such ability to do so is evident in the musical influences of each production where they seem to adapt many sides of music into their work, including sounds from Trance, Pop,  R&B, and Hip-Hop. This demonstrates a high level of versatility in their musical approaches. Also, it shows they know that their keen ability of forming an organic alliance with each other is the key to a winning partnership. Listen to the result of their interpersonal dynamic in music production, below.

New Path in Music for Andrew Rayel

Andrew shared with us during a previous interview, his love for an eclectic list of genres. You can hear his skill of composing music with influences from multiple genres in “Last Summer”. Do not be surprised: this just may lead to a new path for Andrew Rayel’s career. The path to a successful career in Pop music.

Since Pop music is a giant melting pot of all sounds, Andrew is a sure future victor in the scene. There are few EDM and Trance DJs that can hit the nail on the head when it comes to making Pop music. Andrew Rayel is an exception because of his track, “Last Summer” is sublimly different than most of modern electronic pop music as there is not too much of one genre overpowering another, here, Andrew Rayel strikes balance with a “less is more” approach. Therefore, “Last Summer” is best described as “pristine pop”. Having the assistance of young prodigy Fernando Garibay, Andrew Rayel and Jake Torrey really shine.

The grounded emotional heart felt through Andrew Rayel’s piano chords creates a cozy roost for Jake Torrey’s fetching heartthrob vocals as during the pre-chorus. After the second hit of the replay button, “Last Summer” will have listeners singing the sweet and pleasant hook all summer long. Take note, this track is perfect for those spending the final moments with someone special enough to make it last forever. “Last Summer” is forever.

For the Fans

What comes next for Andrew Rayel after such exhibitions of his talent at the main stage of Tomorrowland or Ultra Music Festival? Take a guess. It is pop radio, of course. This does not mean he is leaving Trance; however, he is stepping outside the genre in a special way. For the fans, he is experimenting. This is how to surprise your audience, everyone, and even one’s self. Therein, the artist returns to his musical roots having brought back a new wave of music from experimenting its many sounds.

As an ever-growing artist, such as Andrew Rayel, he could use an outside of the box inspiration to awe and marvel his fans as he has done before and similarly as his fans are used to and in ongoing need of further amazement. This latest single, “Last Summer” fits right into asummer BBQ playlist; a”cruising down the coast” theme song; a go-to track for a feel-good reaction. To emphasize, picture this: “Last Summer” is the favorite song your Bestie lip syncs to, especially when wearing lip gloss, too. “Last Summer” is the song we all need to end Summer 2018 so that it is not forgotten but remembered forever.

Afterall, a Trance icon like Andrew Rayel, this song is the best way to introduce himself to a wider and newer audience. A Pop audience. With “Last Summer” making big impact, they will not know what hit them.

Find your harmony: check out the new track “Last Summer” on Spotify here.

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