Ängie – “Spun”

Ängie released this track about a month ago, but I couldn’t help talking about this little pop gem. Ängie is known for her weed reference- in fact, each single she has released has talked about marijuana in some way and I’m not complaining. “Spun” is the third single from the newcomer and this one is for sure her most radio friendly and catchy single to date. The song features a weird synth that sounds like it wants to break through the beat, but it plays with our heads and never fully plays out. It’s cut up a little and sounds like its filtered like crazy, but it makes the beat unique and quite not like anything else. It’s an interesting beat since it plays in between house, pop and even a touch of that tropical flare.  She also uses her voice in a very unique way- it’s almost like her vocals are slightly off beat but it really adds an extra level of coolness to the song.

The video features Ängie blowing out smoke, guns with flowers and shirtless dudes. While it may not be played on MTV, it’s a cool underground video that’s full of color. Each one of Ängie’s videos features a strong color, and this one just so happens to be a teal/green which is also the color of her hair. It reminds me of the glory days of 2010 when you could be an underground artist and still be successful, it’s getting a little harder out there to stay true to your art: but Ängie has yet to change and I give her props for that. I think this is the perfect mix of the catchy mainstream but still in its own league. Much like life, music needs that balance. Peep this chick!


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