Anna Lunoe – “Godzilla”

Anna Lunoe is back with a banger that bangs as big as Godzilla. This four-on-the-floor, ready for the club anthem is sure to get the whole party fist pumping like its 2010.  The song starts off pretty tame. The beat is filtered and features some distant pads that create a creepy, post apoplectic atmosphere. Anna’s vocals come in and shine throughout, “Follow me, across the line”.  Next, the song starts to pick up a little pace as you hear a kick slowly enter into the beat before breaking off into a full club song. The chorus is catchy and easily able to sing along too, taking a basic club song and adding a little special spark to it. The mixing on it is superb as all the sounds play nicely together and they are all able to hear perfectly even when the song takes different turns.

At 2:15 mark, the song takes a wild change and turns more into a bounce song. Your 90’s rave feels come through hard here, and then at 2:40 the song changes AGAIN to a more trap beat, which gives you all of that 2017 club feels. Each time, you think you know what’s coming, but the song likes to play with your head by tossing something crazy into the mix and really throw you through a loop. This is an interesting club track that takes you on a ride from start to finish!


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