Apashe Releases Highly Anticipated Full-Length LP ‘Renaissance’

'Renaissance' is Apashe's newest 13-track LP

Apashe’s long-awaited, full-length LP ‘Renaissance’ is here at last. This producer has a unique approach, with cinematic sounds and orchestral elements that brings his music to life. Check out his album preview trailer here.

An epic preview of his album

Out now, this 13-track album is available through all digital platforms. I’ll be listing the breakdown of the tracks that stood out to me in this LP.


Overture, the title track, intrigued me. Its stylings are dark and gothic. It brings to mind the grand feel of old Roman cathederals. The music swells, it is majestic, glorious. It reminds me of music from Hans Zimmer from the Inception Soundtrack. The end of the track is looming and foreboding, artfully set to paint a mental picture of rocks crumbling to the earth. The tone gives the listener a sense of excitement and expectation for the rest of the album.

Distance ft. Geoffrey

It starts off with moody ‘mmm’s.’ Shrill strings start filling in. Geoffrey’s vocals come in, “you don’t even know what you like and you don’t like.” The lyrics are questioning, simplistic in nature. But coupled with the future bass styling of the track, it becomes interestingly complex. As the song progresses, the story has a fast-paced energy. It pairs beautifully with the symphonic instruments and ends on an abrupt note, leaving the listener wanting more.

Dead ft. Yizzy

The song starts out on a low, somber note. Wistful vibes carry the track along, then Yizzy’s quick, energetic rap streams in. I love the ‘shimmer’ part of this track, and the piano part as it swells majestically. Yizzy’s part stands out to me in high contrast to the sweet violin strings, coupled with the heavy bass, somehow. It’s an odd combination, with the twittery bird-like chirps, but it works. This track’s UK Grime-esque stylings and symphonic elements come together in perfect harmony.

Uebok Gotta Run ft. Instasamka

The track has a mysterious haunting feel at the start, and then brass tracks fill the space. It’s a majestic, triumphant, energetic vibe. I can picture this track being on a Fast and Furious movie soundtrack. Then the mood changes, Instasamka’s vocals are hot, heavy and furious. This Russian artist definitely piques my interest and I’d love to hear more of her in the future. This track showcases her bad ass girl vibes and I’m here for it.

I’m Fine ft. High Klassified and Cherry Luna

Cherry Luna’s voice kicks off the track. Her vocals, haunting and nostalgic, strikes a chord in my ears. The slow, steady beat of the track really complements the emotion in her track. There’s just something about this track—it’s foreboding, dramatic, majestic—and it thrills my soul to the core. The heavy trumpets add a grandeur that is truly felt. This is my favorite track of the album.

Album Overview

Apashe is, quite clearly, a standout artist. His production and work is honestly one of the best I’ve ever heard. His orchestral elements and diversity—his fluidity among genres is unparalleled. The symphonic elements make his album timeless and unique amongst other EDM artists. His featured artists are artists with flow, depth and vibe that complement his tracks well. There’s just something about Apashe’s cinematic work that is modern and fresh in today’s over-saturated music industry. Some of it is so heavy, which is really not my style, but somehow the way he puts it all together, is a clear showcase of his remarkable talent. I can’t wait to witness his magic in person someday. His album, so aptly named ‘Renaissance’ is truly worthy of the name. It is a renaissance of electronic music we know it, a rebirth of music in today’s day and age.

Check out his album here.

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