Argy “Meltdown” Techno Bomb Just Dropped

All techno, all Argy style

Argy, UK DJ and producer, really hot in the techno scene now. Dropping his latest techno bomb “Meltdown” with remix support from Luciid and Darmec on the Blue Monkey Records label, Argy brings out tech-trance sounds on spacious atmosphere. Intense musical experience. Check out the Argy “Meltdown” track below.

Track review: Argy “Meltdown”

Stunning vocals, and even more stunning effects on the instruments with pan-delay creating a swarm of sound the brightens up the mix against its darker percussion line and mean kick drum.

Clean, and audible instrumentals persist through even the busiest sections of the track without any loss of sound quality. That is easy part, what is hard is making it it happen. Argy “Meltdown” is born of years of producing experience coupled with prodigious musical talent.

Excellent placement of the instruments across the stereo field. Perfect fit of the kick and percussion and vocals right in the center where they can be heard most. Filling out the sides with some deep basslines. Absolutely crystal clear mastering, absolute techno.

About Argy

From his Tech days producing bangers like the classic “Fridge Magnet”, to the experimental club projects in the days of QULT with tracks like “Black Mask” Argy has finished out the 2010s in the techno scene with incredible remix work on the classic “Need To Be Loved” . Now, getting off to a huge start with “Meltdown” Argy is setting the techno stage for the roaring 2020s. Bring it.

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