Ark Patrol Releases ‘Darling, You Can’t Walk Away

Thriving in the light of the new year, Ark Patrol returns with his self-titled 10-track project. At the heels of a successful lead single, “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens),” Ark Patrol is set to release his sophomore single “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away” Thursday, February 7 with the full project available Thursday, February 21.

At the apex of alternative electronic music, Ark Patrol has solidified himself as a pioneer of the subgenre. Drawing inspiration from the likes of XXYYXX, Gorillaz, and Machinedrum, Ark Patrol’s sound is familiar yet saturated with individuality.

His music is a tapestry of meticulous sound design and mellow cadences, breathing life into a new world of electronic music production. But 2018 was a quiet year for the producer, as he was gravely diagnosed with cancer. The illness projected a dark shadow over his creativity, but guided him to reevaluate life’s truest gifts. A musician, intellectual, and new-found warrior, Ark Patrol embraced this shocking illness and overcame cancer.

Harnessing the power of now, this project is a musical manifestation of both suffering and freedom. Following the stunning release of “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens),” Ark Patrol’s next offering “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away” is an invigorating counterpart to the former. Balancing digital disco frequencies with crisp feminine vocals, this unique outline is a staple hit carefully placed within the forthcoming project.

This Ark Patrol original comes in conjunction with new branding for the artist. 2019 will be a year for Ark Patrol to showcase his musical capabilities beyond production as he begins tracking his own vocals, and playing live instruments both on stage and in the studio. With millions of streams across his discography and a rich, poetic take on what it means to be alive, Ark Patrol is reclaiming the world as his own- watch this space.

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