Hardstyle Makeover: Artifact Releases Single “Shakedown”


Out now via End of Line Recordings

Track Review

Listen to this amazing track below. Hard dance pushes music to the extreme, and Artifact takes full advantage of this in his track, “Shakedown”. This future bass, and trap style influenced track gets a make over with hardstyle sounds.

Sound Design

A blend of future bass with hardstyle come together in this party track by Artifact. A definite banger. Furthermore, the bass instruments throughout are deep and wholesome. At the second drop there plays a hardstyle lead saturated with noise resulting in an airy texture. Great variety of drums that provide for the ultimate shakedown.

Photo from Artifact Facebook


The hardstyle kick drums come in two variations. the first has three tonal qualities: a tight tap, a round thump, and a low sub-bass underneath. The second is a classic raw hardstyle kick that has a heavy attack that simulates the initial blow of the mallet to the kick drum making a “pok” sound. The raw hardstyle kick is intense enough and it gets meaner during its kickrolls. The styling of the first kick drum is among the more original that can be heard at the moment, such as that of Kronos in his track “Rise of the Phoenix”.

Photo from Artifact Facebook

Other interesting percussion instruments such as the power snare, and some fast pitter-patter coming from an instrument that may as well be that of a hand patting on one’s leg. The sound sketch of an object dropping into water is inserted between measures throughout the track.


This being a party-track and banger makes for a positively grand experience. There are some explicit vocals that are powerful and this creates a tough, confident vibe. Its also just plain fun to listen to the mixing of the future bass and hardstyle composition of “Shakedown”.

Photo from Artifact Facebook

Audience Reactions

Read the crowd reaction in the video below. Otherwise, know this: they went crazy at the first drop and totally mad at the second drop. That raw hardstyle kick just makes one feel immense. Furthermore, this video came straight from the crowd at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival.

About Artifact

Hardstyle DJ and Producer from the Netherlands. An avid artist in the studio and at the decks. Artifact is steadily playing his genre-bending interpretation of Hardstyle music at Q-Dance events including Defqon.1 and the forthcoming final edition of Q-BASE. More on his hardstyle career and legacy.

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