Autektone Records Presents ‘Collabpm’

Featuring ROBPM in collaboration with Lowerzone, Matbe, and MOTVS

The Collabpm album brings BPMs on underground techno style tracks from contributing artists Lowerzone, Matbe, MOTVs, and ROBPM. All together, they have composed a sum of three pounding techno tracks to fuel the dance-floor with party-time energy. That said, hook up your PA system, or play through your favorite headphones, whatever you do just get going and press play from the Collabpm album below.

Album review: ‘Collabpm’

Dirty acid squelches stab through the air as kick and snare hits deliver the perfect percussive oontz sound to get the true techno-heads nodding to the beat.

Plump, kick drums with perfect compression underlie the old-school inspired sounds central to the style of ROBPM. Other sound heard are complements of DJ and producer Lowerzone. Both have a unique approach to vocals in the track. The vowels in the word “strong” are chopped up, remixed and played as a rhythmic instrument. It sings, and sings, and sings through the mix real strong.

Bass-line storms underneath intense risers in “I Wanna”. From the energy of ROBPM and, Matbe this track has entertaining acoustics. Pure ear candy. Echoes, paning, fades, climaxes and breaks, and so on, this track is just full of dynamic effects. Thrilling and satisfying and favorably techno.


ROBPM, Italian DJ and producer and resident artist on the Autektone Records label, lays on some thumping techno beats. Time and again, we have seen him blossom as being among the most producing artists in the techno scene.

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