Bass Music Mastery: Autodidakt and Proxy Release Single, “Phuc”


Autodidakt & Proxy leaked this bass house track from the Gold Digger Records compilation album vol. II. “Phuc” is a great bass track that stands out among the rest. Familiar fans and newcomers will enjoy the track. It is exemplary of his bass productions and it is representative of the trending bass music. Listen to the track below.


Danceable 2-step beats at 126 BPM. This makes for a slower tempo fit for the club. Hard kicks and slapping claps drive the powerful rhythm. Rhythm holds steady throughout the track due to a great mix quality among the percussion instruments.

Sound Design

Light yet loud bass wubs, rich bass-lines with distortion, among many more novel bass sounds are heard throughout the main parts of the track. Autodidakt’s sense of sound is particularly bass conscious. The result is hard bass music that is on trend with a fresh underground sound.

The intro is a throwback to early hip-hip style vocals dubbed over instrumental melodies. Therein, a chill vibe comes through making for an abrupt change to the intense drop that sets in at the one-minute mark.


Especially clean mix: the bass instruments play loudly and without drowning out the percussion. “Phuc” is a great example of professional standards in excellent mix quality.


Definitely a positive vibe emanating from the track. Although the bass is fierce, its intensity is inviting. Listeners will enjoy “Phuc” for at-home listening as well as the dance floors.

Audience Reaction

Rather quiet audience reaction upon the release of this track. Although “Phuc” is available for purchase on on most internet music platforms, including i-Tunes, and Beatport, there seems less evidence of its popularity on social media at the moment.

Even the releasing label Gold Digger Records did not have any mentions in particular to the track despite the fact they are releasing it on their label. This track as deserving of more attention as much as EDM fans deserve more music.

About the Artists


Bass music producer from Germany, Autodidakt possesses a steady roster of releases including remixes, collaborations, original productions throughout the 2000s and 2010s. Among them, “Slasher Army” (June 2013),  the collaborative single “Flipper” (November 2015), and “Tech-Noo” (June 2018) are demonstrative of Autodidakt’s bass music talent. Autodidakt frequently releases on Mähtrasher Records and Traktor Records. Listen to the aforementioned tracks below.

Several performances within Germany over the past few years, the Lehmann Club –“your home for Techno”–has hosted several of Autodidakt’s performances. Keep an eye out on his facebook page for future bookings.

Photo from Autodidakt Facebook.


EDM extraordinaire, Proxy, of Russia delivers bass music to audiences at elite events such as Coachella and Creamfields. Furthermore, he has lots of releases featuring a variety of remixes and original productions, most recently is the release of his single “Shake it” (July 5, 2018) via the Bingo Bass label. Explore this artist’s legacy and more from the fine review at the official Proxy website.

Photo from Proxy Facebook.

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