Avicii: True Stories Review

Avicii: True Stories shares his life in compelling documentary

During this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) the premiere of the much-anticipated film Avicii: True Stories took place. This truthful thought provoking film follows Swedish electronic artist Tim Bergling aka ‘Avicii’ as he navigates the complex world of a DJ/producer within the electronic music industry. The film presents an incredibly honest insight into Tim’s thoughts and feelings regarding his unsuspecting meteoric rise to global superstardom from the early days in 2008 following the release of his iconic breakthrough track ‘Levels’ right through to the present day.

The film Avicii: True Stories was shot and directed by Stockholm based documentary filmmaker Levan Tsikurishvili. It initially began as a one year project designed to create a movie that would give viewers an insight into brand ‘Avicii’ but then developed into a four year. The deeply personal journey of extreme highs and lows that culminated in one of the world’s biggest stars of the music industry chooses to call time on his touring career. Tsikurishvili’s film making captures the truth and essence of the person behind the star. “I wanted to do a brutally honest film about Tim as a person and not only about Avicii. Everybody knows Avicii, but very few people know Tim. I think this documentary shows Tim’s struggle and strength of character.”

As Avicii traversed the globe performing on the world’s biggest stages the film documents Tim’s increasing reliance on alcohol to ease his anxiety associated with performing. The lack of sleep, the pressure to perform and lack of general routine began to take its toll on his health culminating in a hospital visit while touring Australia. His ill health necessitated him taking opiate-based medications in an effort to be well enough to perform. “Even though I was finding touring harder and harder there were still moments in shows where I could find genuine happiness.”

Having made significant efforts during some time off to address his life balance, health issues and general wellness returning to tour brought with it all the same issues and anxieties as before. This is what led Tim to choose to stop touring. The backlash from those closest to him, those who should have had his best interests at heart was unexpected. “I didn’t expect people to try and push me to do more shows especially knowing how bad I felt.” “I got a lot of resistance when I wanted to stop doing the shows.”

This film should prompt us as fans to question our involvement in these situations. We must wonder to what extent do our insatiable desire to have a piece of these artists push them beyond their limits and at what cost to their health and well being?

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