“The Solution” Brings Hardstyle Back to its Roots

B-Front and Phuture Noize Release “The Solution”

Out now via Rough State

Music beyond boundaries, the search for new sounds, innovation in music seem sought-after goals in the EDM industry. After all, there is an endless supply of great tunes and decades of looking back onto the morphing of electronic music. Just over a decade ago, the Dutch hard dance music community garnered a genre unto their own that was deeply melodic, euphoric even, and especially demonstrative of the harder styles in electronic music.

As much of a wild tangent as this writing has been much of the music is created in the same way.  The journey through meaning and music is especially significant here as B-Front and Phuture Noize wrangle the everchanging Hardstyle sounds and recreate them using deeply passionate melodies true to the genre’s beginnings years ago. Have a listen to their collaborative single “The Solution”, below.

For more insight into the Hardstyle community, view Hardstyle Producer Brennan Heart‘s documentary Evolution of Style. Also, for details on the Hardstyle legacy read more from the informative piece from Q-Dance.  At that, the music is especially well suited to the genre. B-Front and Phuture Noize have a melodiously pleasing production, here, that is a sure track for any Hardstyle fan to add to his or her own playlist.

About the Artists


A strong force in the musical producing talents of the Dutch Hardstyle community. Recently, inducted into Q-Dance’s distinguished Legends. The artist definitely packs an emotional punch into all of his tracks. These emanate from tracks that are heard as anthems, as in the Qapital 2013 event anthem “Worth Fighting For“, and powerful productions such as “Dark Moon“.  Also, the textures of his lead melodies are extraordinarily rich and consistently so from one production to the next.

Phuture Noize

The Phuture Noize is now, and it sounds like hard dance. This Hardstyle producer gathering momentum and producing among the best in the industry here in this collaboration with B-Front. Q-Dance chose him to make the anthem for Qapital 2018 last Spring.


Phuture Noize

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