BAER – River [Music Review]

River by BAER is an electro-pop song that sets up a smokey and seductive tone. It’s a song asking for love to continue. The vocals are haunting and create a sense of longing while wrapping itself in the steady melody of a xylophone. The melody and vocals climb together to a peak, then jump off at the climax next to a steady bassline. There becomes a focus on the vocals that sink deep in emotion, essentially hushing all other aspects of the track for a moment. This highlights the seductive tone mentioned before and effectively keeps the tone consistent.

Overall, River seems to set off on a mission to make you crave a lost love. Its unique and doesn’t sound like the typical electro-pop songs that we have become used to. The track is a fresh and sexy new take on a genre that is currently taking over the world. After this one, you can’t help but look forward to other tracks by BAER.

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