Bakermat’s New Music Video Is Out

Bakermat returns to grace our ears and eyes with another house inspired tune complimented by an incredible music video worthy of viral exposure. Bakermat teams up with Canadian singer, Kiesza and the outcome proves a prosperous collaboration.

The intro is incomplex and catchy. Uncumbersome guitar gently ushers Kiesza’s vocals to the front, where her lyrics lead us onward through the song.  The melody quickly gathers a pace you would tap your steering wheel to.  The song surprisingly hooks us with it’s simplicity, and accelerates from there.  After Kiesza let’s us in on her boy-troubles, she breaks into a racing chorus that builds in energy and emotion. Kiesza maintains this energy throughout the rest of the tune. Her vocals steer us in several directions, through unexpected yet satisfying moments.

The music video is in every way complimentary. We get all the good mood stuff; bright colors, Kiesza’s smooth choreographed dancing, and everyone smiling by the end of the video.  Weaved into this well-balanced visualization of the songs lightheartedness, several fragmented scenes meld into narrative.  We travel back into the 80’s wtih Kiesza playing a workout instructor fitted with retro-spandex. She appears to be shooting what is either a commercial or an extravagantly produced work-out video. We’re never really given an answer, nor do we care. It’s viral worthy eye-candy. Bakermat DJ’s Kiesza’s aerobics, and as the song progresses, unseen forces in his music take possession of the rest of the crew on set, synchronizing everyone with Kiesza’s choreographed routine. We too, find ourselves hypnotized by the end of it. The song packs energy. It’s hypnotic and addictive. In sync with the video’s retro-aerobics narrative, it’s an excellent workout tune.


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