Bakermat’s “The Ringmaster” Album and “Bad Dreams” Music Video

Bakermat unleashes a full wave of sounds and visuals with the release of his latest album, The Ringmaster, and the “Bad Dreams” accompanying music video. The Ringmaster travels across genres and heavily emphasizes Bakermat’s mastery and comfort in the studio.

“I made the album The Ringmaster to show my diversity as a producer, and to go against the idea that an artist should stick to one genre or style with their album in order for it to be a cohesive body of work,” the Dutch producer says.

The previously released “Trouble” begins the album with a soulful introduction featuring Albert Gold’s sultry voice followed by the quaint and arpeggiated “Pretty Little Jaguar.”

Meanwhile, “Good For Me” highlights GoldFord’s powerful voice and marries it with a swing inspired sound. Additionally, The Ringmaster includes the single “Baianá,” featured on EA Sports’ FIFA 2021 soundtrack. The strums of “Learn to Lose” carried with Alex Clare’s vocals fuse to create a powerhouse track filled with inspiring sentiments. “Under the Sun” with Kidda is a cheerful track that radiates with fun, while “Partystarter” is a rock-infused anthem for everyone looking to get the party started.

The tone of the album shifts with “Spotless Mind” with the new Gossip Girl’s Emily Alyn Lind and BRÅVES, opting for a softer mood. Lastly, the album closes with the peaceful piano chords of “Out of Control” featuring Savannah Jeffreys.

Listen to the full album below or check it out on different music channels.

Bakermat’s “Bad Dreams” Music Video

Since the initial release of the album’s single “Partystarter,” each single arrives with an animated music video. The videos follow Bakermat’s animated alter ego, Matt Baker.

The “Bad Dreams” video with 7Chariot explores a world of inhabited by dogs in which Matt Baker shares his life with a loved one. However, disaster soon strikes the world in the form of meteors striking. The citizens are forced to leave behind their life, and sacrifices are made as Matt Baker tries to escape. “Bad Dreams” is a melancholy song and the music video illustrates it well with tender piano melodies and a passionate trumpet to signal the song’s climax.

Every adventure is connected to the music and lyrics,” Bakermat says in regards to the videos. “Next year fans can guess the right sequence of all the videos so far and present their theory of the meaning behind them and the whole story.

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