Bass Music Superstar SNAILS Returns With ‘SLIME TIME’ EP

SNAILS' newest EP 'Slime Time' is another example of the Montreal artist's phenomenal way of expressing his "Vomitstep" musical style

Renowned bass music artist and Montreal native, SNAILS, has released his highly-anticipated new SLIME TIME EP, which is out now on all digital streaming platforms. The three-track offering marks a return to the international DJ and producer’s musical roots — the metal-inspired sub-genre he created and his fans dubbed as “Vomitstep.” Stream and download SNAILS’ SLIME TIME on any streaming platform.

SNAILS unleashes phenomenal SLIME TIME EP with unforgettable synths and bass lines

Last month, SNAILS released the filthy synth and thunderous bass-filled lead single of the project, “FROGKIND,” after a year-long hiatus. SLIME TIME also includes two new records, “BRAINFARTS” and “GASTROPODZ.” “BRAINFARTS” showcases the relentless, growly bass that he has become known for while incorporating the lyrics, “too much bass in your face makes you crazy.” The EP’s final offering, “GASTROPODZ,” delivers punchy and maddening synths that will be a treat for bass enthusiasts everywhere.

The influences of SLIME TIME

SLIME TIME is the result of a year of introspection which led SNAILS to the realization that both he and his fans wanted a return to his original “Vomitstep” genre. Thus, the EP coincides with a complete rebranding of SNAILS with more musical storytelling and visuals. Musically, the project still features all the nasty drops, guttural bass, trap rhythms and grotesque sound design that fans have come to love from SNAILS while also incorporating new, funky elements. Heavily inspired by Salvador Dali’s work, the EP also marks a significant shift in his visual aesthetic. The artwork retains SNAILS’ grotesque style but has incorporated beautiful coloring with pastel shades of purple, blue, and pink used to depict scenes of the deranged and repulsive creatures that are the cornerstones of the SNAILS’ world.

Highlights from 2020

In 2020, SNAILS released “DEATHMATCH” in collaboration with SVDDEN DEATH, which received high accolades from some of the biggest names in dance music. He also released the “FRONT 2 BACK” music video and WORLD OF SLIME remix EP featuring stellar remakes by bass stars Modestep, Blunts and Blondes, Subtronics, Wooli, and more. Looking ahead, fans can expect more eccentric music videos that feature SNAILS in them instead of being shown as a character. SNAILS’ plans include launching a mixtape that is part of his new world and something larger that will arrive in the coming months.

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