Bassjackers “Snatch” is a Hands Up, Big Room Banger

This track is for the party people

For the big room style dance party, Bassjackers “Snatch” will get the party people going. Out now via Spinnin’ Records, this track hold true to the label’s mainstream, big room style. Overall, this track is a go to for any DJ looking to drive the intensity of a set with a banger. This track is available on Beatport.

Track review: Bassjackers “Snatch”

High quality mix

Bassjackers “Snatch” is a high quality tack with crystal clear mix. As such, this track is exemplary of the superior, commercial quality that come from releases on Spinnin’ Records.

Builds, drop and breaks

Formulaic in composition, it is predictable and easy for listeners to anticipate the climaxing builds, and drops. As such, the the two climaxes are separated with a break. This strikes the listener as a quieter more melodic section. The track quickens toward the build before a big release of energy at the drop.

Hardstyle influences on Big Room sound

Sound design is uniquely Bassjackers big room style. They have some influences from other genres such as hardstyle. This is audible in the kick drum and its effects. As such, the kick is pitched, and boosted with bassmuch like a hardstyle kick. The filter effect on the kick drum shapes the sound of the attack toward the classic “TOK” sound simulating the contact of the mallet against the drum. These acoustics are very subtle, allowing for the fat and round kick drum sound typical of big room style tracks to come through the mix.


The party vibes come through the lead melody. In the key of D flat Major, the sound is far from being cheesy. As a result, Bassjackers “Snatch” has a serious attitude. A perfect match for the lyrics that inspire the listener to “put your hands up” while holding nothing back while dancing to the drop.

About Bassjackers

A talented duo, one the producer and the other the DJ, Bassjackers have been making bangers since 2007. Due to the successful releases popularity, A-List artists have picked up their sound. These include Tiësto who released their track “Mush Mush” on his label Musical Freedom in 2011.


They have had many successful hits over the decade. Bassjackers “Snatch” is set to be another hit for it’s attention grabbing intensity in one of the most popular EDM genres–Big Room. Also, the media attention since its release on Friday, July 26, 2019 is positive. Furthermore, many Facebook replies to the tracks release announcement received “in love” emojis in combination with flames–this loveable track sets people on fire.

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