Bebe Rexha – “I Got You” (BKAYE remix)

Whispering flute tones ignite this face lift remix as Bebe Rexha and BKAYE juice up the lead single from her EP “All Your Fault: Pt. 1“. Cheery and joyous aria outline this kaleidoscopic creation of dance pop love. Take a peek at how BKAYE gets us with his remix of “I Got You”.

Perfectly prescribed for your electronic production addiction, “I Got You ” (BKAYE remix) has all the highs, lows, mids and foot-tapping requirements you demand. As the second verse plays, BKAYE’s production pushes on showing his potential at urban electric pop composition. Could his remixes be a path into a wider range of music? It’s not unlikely for EDM DJ/producers to delve themselves into more rhythmic creations. Rexha’s lyrics of love and devotion pair with the light and bright opus of BKAYE meticulously. Proving . Rexha has the appeal, the talent, and the resume to back it all up. Appearing on numerous home run radio hits, she’s making her stamp and kicking her feet up as one of the quintessential voices in dance. Her work includes collabs with the EDM remix prince Brian Kelley, who has put down remix after remix of some big time names. The Chainsmokers, Major Lazer and Ed Sheeran masterpieces are all on the list of this Cali producers remix regimen. APA-agency signed, BKAYE is set to release more new music and fun remixes for you EDM admirers. Tackling remixes of high profile artists seems like just the right ticket for BKAYE. And he’s only getting warmed up for what we’re expecting to be a prosperous career.

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