Belmont Boys Drop Their Newest Single “PJ”

Chicago-based Belmont Boys have released their second single "PJ". Diplo had premiered their first single "BAMBU" at Burning Man 2018

Belmont Boys are an EDM duo from Chicago and they have Eastern European roots. The Belmont Boys consist of Plumpy, who is Slovakian-American, and Très Mortimer, who is Polish-American. Both producers are also childhood friends who grew up in Chicago and they have blossoming solo careers of their own as well. On June 23, 2020, these exciting Chicago artists released their newest single “PJ” via IN / ROTATION, an imprint of Insomniac Records. Belmont Boys have released another song prior to “PJ” titled “BAMBU“, released via Mad Decent. Here is One EDM’s review of “PJ”, a catchy track that will have fans dancing nonstop. “PJ” is now available for download and stream.

Review of “PJ”

“PJ” starts off mellow with tranquil piano notes and soon after, cymbal beats joined in. The volume later enhanced the track when steady yet upbeat bass rhythms arrived. This track from Belmont Boys is an absolute treat to play anywhere, from laid-back house parties to festive nightclubs. “PJ” does have significant influences from old-school Chicago house music since the city is considered by many as the “birthplace of house music“. Hopefully this banging track will get played more at music festivals and nightclubs when all of them reopen.

Backgrounds of Plumpy and Très Mortimer

Plumpy was born in Svidnik, Slovakia as Jaromir Kurty. He and his family migrated to Chicago when he was ten-years-old and began producing music at the age of 16. Très Mortimer was born as Kevin Andrew Fronckiel and started producing mashups in his early teen years. Très Mortimer progressed his way in the Chicago house scene by connecting with the local hip-hop community. Additionally, it was through his early work that he learned how to craft pounding 808s.

The aformentioned single “BAMBU” was Très Mortimer and Plumpy’s first colloborative track that they created before a show at the Mondrian Pool in Los Angeles. Not only did “BAMBU” got released via Mad Decent, Diplo also premiered it at Burning Man 2018. Since then, Plumpy got work with international stars such as X Ambassadors, Grayson Chance and TyDi. The stars Très Mortimer have worked with include The Chainsmokers, Nitti Gritti and Lil Yachty. To conclude, the future looks very bright for the two childhood friends-turned-collaborative producers from Chi-Town.

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